My Domain

At Last the day has come when i finally bought myself a Domain name.. :) :)....
I know you might be thinking why the hell he is so happy about it.. We'll its indeed a big deal for me because i am thinking about it from my College days and its been around 5 Years i was thinking, thinking and..... thinking... But Today i.e. on 11th May-2012 i finally bought it.

Now the Question is : Why Such a Domain Name : flavorsofsoul. What does it mean ?
Well , its about our life , our journey , our time which we have spent in collecting all the dreams from the day we born and it will go till the day we die. If you go back to the time , you remember you started dreaming , you must have thought of turning something , doing something , creating something, may be doing everything ..
Hey i'll be a policeman , no i'll be a pilot .. wohhooo... No i'll be Icecream boy . mmmm , No  i'll be scientiest , engineer , doctor , architect and the list goes on.. And Believe me, it will never end because they are dreams , they can never end. And that's why i am here to make a collection of my dreams , to share it with you. May be we can find something to laugh at or we can learn something out of it. So From Today i'll keep creating pages , adding the stuff i love ,I learn or i Dream and will come to know about the different Flavors Of My Soul.

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