Kande Utte - Coke Studio: Lyrics With Translation

One cannot deny the beauty of Coke Studio because of the fusion they create. It's a slow poison where you enter a state of Rock and Sufi at same time. You enter into a total different world and this is how "Kande Utte Meherma Ve" from Coke Studio Season 6 - Episode 5 feels like !!

Complete Song name is Sawaal: Sung by Ali Azmat and Muazaam Ali khan.

Cut Version: Kandde Utte Meherma    Performed by:  Muazzam Ali Khan

This song is best example of a how Sufi-Rock fusion can create magic. The continuous claps, drum beats, trumpet and Guitar will take you to a totally different level.  So Put on your Head Phones, close your eyes and Enjoy !!

For All my Non Punjabi Friends, here are the lyrics and translation for it.

Story Behind the Song:

The song is about Sohni and Mahiwal (One of the Romantic Tragedy of Punjab)...!!!  Sohni was the daughter of a potter. And she fell in love with Mahiwal who left everything and become a worker for Sohni’s father. Sohni was forcefully married to another potter !! But every night Sohni would cross river Chinab and go to meet Mahiwal. But one day Sohni sister-in law come to know of this and she replaced the pot which Sohni used to cross river, with an unbaked pot !! Sohni took this pot and cross the river but the pot melt in water and she is drowned and Mahiwal who saw Sohni drowning jumped in the river which was on full current also drowned trying to save her...!!!!!

This song is a dialogue between the pot and Sohni. Mahiwal is waiting for Sohni in a dark, rainy night and Chinab is on it's full flow, but the yearn to meet her Love cannot stop from that and she is ready to sacrifice her life for it !!!!!

Lyrics and Translation:

( Sohni to Clay Pot )

"Kanday Utte Meharmaa Ve, Main ta Kadon di Khadi.".
( I am waiting for you my love on this river bank, waiting for flow to settle)

("Dil vich Shuanq Milan da, Haneri ishq di Chadi" )
(My heart longs for our union, and the Storm of love is on its full vigor....!!!)

Ghadeya Dil mera Chaunda, Maahi vekh lavaan ajj !!  -- 2
(O clay-pot, my heart yearns to see my beloved today)

Sohne Maahi da Deedaar, Mera akbari hajj )
(The sight of my love is my greatest pilgrimage [Akbari Hajj is usually mean Big Hajj])

(Meinu dobi na Vachale !! ) -2
   Don't drown me midway

(Mein taan Dukhaan di Bharii..
   I am overwhelmed  with Grief 

Alaap and Music !!

 (Oh Meinu Teriyaan Udikka kandde Utte !! ) -3
     I am waiting for you at River Bank my Love

(Mainoon Shauh Darya Di Taangh ni.. !! ) -3
I yearn to lose myself in the river of my beloved's love

(Te jind meri )
 And my Life

(Te jin meri kachha ghada)
And my life is like a weak clay pot.

Now the Clay Pot Replies ( Trying to save Sohni ) ---

(Ni main kaccha haan Nakaara, Akkhan khol ke pachhan !!)  -2
 I'm just a worthless clay pot, Open your eyes and try to see what I am

(Utton raat haigi kaali Chaṛiya paani da toofaan) 
  The night's also dark ,  And the tide is getting rough

(Asaan donwaan ḍub jaana)  -2
 Both of us will drown

(Wehla ghaṛi do ghaṛi !!)
  There's such little time left

(Mainoon teriyaan uḍeekaan kanḍe utte)
  I'm waiting for you at river bank

Music and Alaap !!

Ali Azmat Background Voice (Lines of Sawaal Song)

Cheers !!!

Update: Video was Removed. Updated again. Please leave your comments in case you notice any issues again.

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