How to start Apache Axis2 Standalone Server

Axis2 is distributed in several convenient distribution packages but we’ll be taking of Apache Axis2 here as a standalone server.  Reason: you won’t need any WebServers like Apache Tomcat or Glassfish etc.


  •   Bin Distribution packages of the Apache Axis2.
  •  Java Development Kit (JDK). [Compatibility check with  experiment.           start with JDK 1.6.27]
  •  Tested on Windows 7 Operating System.


  •  Download the Apache Axis 2 bin distribution and unzip to the location of  your choice.
  •  Install your JDK kit.
  • Add the paths of Java JDK and Apache Axis2 to the path in Environment Variable as shown  in below screenshot.


  • Add the bin locations of the tools to the path folder. 

  •        Now go to command prompt and select till axis2 bin folder.
  •      Run axis2server.bat
  •      Verify that below should be coming in the output:


In case your output after running axis2server.bat is like below only:

It means that there is a compatibility issue between axis2 and java version. Then try changing the java version. You might have to experiment multiple times with different java versions to make it work.

Leave your valuable comments for any new findings.

  Cheers !!.

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