Becoming Husband:

October 2011 turned me into something which most of the men become in the age of around 25-30 and the world call it : Husband.
Also I am one of those lucky guys who got an opportunity to marry the girl they love. But the transition from an easy going, careless person to a Husband is not an easy job.

Now you can't live with your bad habits , so you need to learn from them and improve them ASAP.
Now you cannot pick a stuff from a place and put it anywhere, you have to put it back at the same place or have to bear the hard consequences.
Now you can't stay untidy and cannot leave your home dirty.
Now you cannot walk away and never talk again when you are into fight.

Well there is an endless list to the stuff called : Do's and Don't s for Husbands. But the point is being a Husband is more of an adventure apart from a responsibility. Its very easy to stay alone and away from the responsibilities but difficult to live according to someone else. Whether its their good or bad way , you need to live with it. You can call it adjustment, compromise or adventure.

I don't know about others but frankly I am loving it. And it feels good to see the transition in your self also. You might think how being an Husband can be an adventure ?

This is how it is :
1. You have to act as a kid and as a mature person as per the moods and requirements.
2. You have to learn cooking because not Women love their Husbands cooking but also you can serve her when she is not well as you cannot order it from outside(quality issues) and you cannot give her Maggi :) :) ( I did it once and bearing the aftermath till now).
3. You need to be the best in Financial planning no matter how bad you were at maths so you learn finance handling better.
4. You need to know different places to visit, good food joints , so you have to develop a good taste for such stuff also. Learn that too.. :).
5. You also need to be creative and you should be good in cracking jokes and story telling because Women love it.
6. They consider Laptops, Cell Phones or any other electronic Gadgets as your second wife. So use them cautiously.

Well all above things are on the lighter side but believe me , being a Husband is one of the greatest things in Life as your partner looks into your eyes and can feel the trust. She can sleep securely because she knows you are there. And most of all, no matter what is the problem , how big is the problem ,

she just needs a Hug. :) :)....

I am not the best, but i am learning and loving this Transition of Becoming Husband.