We Bought a Zoo: Movie Review

Have you ever thought of buying a Home and turned up buying a Zoo? Sounds a bit weird? But its true and the true story is turned into a beautiful movie which can make you cry with tears of happiness. The simplicity of the characters portrayed in the movie is its best part and that's what makes it a good watch for all ages.
Its a story of Benjamin Mee(Played by Matt Damon), a writer, father and a Husband who is trying to start his life over after his wife died in an accident leaving him with his two kids, a beautiful daughter who as per my understanding is the smartest girl in the movie and a son who is not happy with him and they don't get along well with each other.

While searching for their new Home, they came across a place which they liked and it turned out to be a zoo which was struggling to keep up. So being an adventurous guy by nature he decided to buy the place and thought of reopening it by getting it renovated with the help of few people left in the staff who are trying to keep the Zoo alive.

Its one of those inspirational movie which really teaches you to go and live your dreams. Yes you will face difficulties and hurdles but you will get through eventually because you care and you are ready to fight for it.

Matt Damon has given one of the finest performance and that too in way which makes you feel totally connected to the movie because it seems so real.Scarlett Johansson(Kelly Foster) as a Zoo-keeper has also done a commendable job though the whole movie belongs to Matt demon.

The cutest character in the movie is Maggie Elizabeth Jones. Her character, "Rosie" as a seven year old who is so excited about moving into a Zoo and the way she walks and talks can beat any cutest girl in this Universe.

There's a scene where the Real-tor tells that the house they wanted to buy is also a zoo and Benjamin stood there dumbfounded, Rosie Jumped up and down shouting "Yay!" will make you burst into laughter and tears at the same time.

There's one another scene in movie where an Old Tiger Spar is suffering from pain and Scarlet tells Benjamin that you have to let the tiger go and its time for him to be free. He can no longer take the pain. He can't talk but he can show it to you that he is in pain but Benjamin was not accepting it and like from the time his wife left him, he was never able to come out of it. He kept clinging to the past and he was not letting it go. But sometimes you have to let it go and its a good decision to take sometimes for a better future and that's what movie teaches you.

There are more wonderful quotes which kept the movie alive like one is :
Benjamin Mee: You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.
And Another one:
Kelly Foster: Talking to girls is easy. All you have to do is listen.
Although Movie is not that fast or any thing unexpected is there which keeps you excited about what will happen, but the simplicity of the characters is best about the movie. Its a nice watch with kids and your spouse and I bet you will cry once..

If you ever wanted to do something out of your day to day job and you need motivation, this is one stop for you. Enjoy...

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