Why We Should Thank Google

Why We Should Thank Google

Google has changed the way we search things. Now even for physical things we expect Google to search them for us. Like, If we loose keys, sleepers, clothes we ask ourselves why can't i Google it. From the time Google presence is known, its is evolving a lot faster and helping us evolve too. If Google is growing then it is helping others grow too, whether its affiliates program for earning or things related to learning, Google has always come forward in the best way it can.Can you image the situation if Google Search had been paid and you are paying them for every search they are making for you?

I believe Internet Would not have been so much fun or a knowledge repository as it is now. Before you get indebted completely to Google I would like to delineate it with some solid reasons which i hope you too would agree.

1) As of now, Google Free Translate Service can translate in 64 languages. It means your thoughts on Internet can reach to the remotest person in this Universe who has no Idea about your language, or you can put your thoughts on the net in your language and let Google take care of the travel part in any language people want to read it.

2) Google AdWords and Ad-Sense etc. kind of affiliate programs are making Millionaires out of kids in the Garage and they don't have any kind restriction on anyone, and so who ever has told you that you can't be anything in life and you are good for nothing, let your skill speak openly and if they are good, people will reach you eventually and you can make dream life out of it.

3) Every Year Google organizes Coding Competitions where minds from all over the world participate win lots of Cash Prizes. Google is helping programmers to create and innovate and and also contributing to Open Source Development at the same time.

4) Google started the whole Social Networking thing with Orkut. Although we are into Facebook world today but there was a time when Orkut was a way to meet our old lost friends and get to know the new ones.

5) Google books or Google Digital Library is another innovative concept where Idea is to Index the book contents and so that people can find the relevant books and can determine the usefulness by citations from other books. Also Google Docs and Spreadsheets are there to share you knowledge and can be accessed from any where.What else do you want..

6) With Google Maps and tools like Google Earth you can never be lost. They have data for almost every place in this world and even if you are alone in this world roaming around, you don't need much guidance to search a place because the maps are self explanatory. Also Google Earth has installed satellites which help in recovery effort for areas impacted with natural calamities like earthquakes etc. which indeed is a great help.

7) Google along with other companies started Open Handset Alliance which shares a common goal of fostering innovation on mobile devices and from that day Android has changed the Mobile Market completely and today it is giving tough competition to Apple and being and Open Source, pulling the shares slowly towards itself. Also the end user is getting the best smart-phone technology at a genuine cost.

8) Google is also investing billions in Green Energy Projects showing their concern towards greener and cleaner environment.
You might argue with many things and your opinions may be different but the way Google took everything forward with Innovation and creativity and putting effort in taking Genuine things up is commendable.
And that is just an overview what Google has given to this world. You can call it a Business or whatever you want but i would love to be a part of such Business where life is Fun and i would like to thank Google for everything they have done and hopefully will continue to do in more years to come.

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