Akshay Kumar's 'Baby' banned in Pakistan. Can they stop pirated DVD's VCD's also ?

As largely expected, Akshay Kumar Starr-er Baby will not be seeing the light of day in Pakistan as the censor board of Islamabad and Karachi decided not to screen the film owing to its controversial content.

A representative of the film's distributor, Everready Pictures informed Dawn that the film has been banned in Pakistan.

“Censor boards in Islamabad and Karachi have decided to ban the film because it portrays a negative image of Muslims and the negative characters in the film also have Muslim names. CDs and DVDs of the film have also been banned in Islamabad. The company has taken a similar stance on this issue and will not go-ahead with its release.”

Now, This is becoming Regular activity. Any movie which says, in one way or the other, that all Muslims are terrorists will face a ban in Pakistan. But will it really impact? People will watch movie anyway either through pirated CD's or DVD's or Online in few days with perfect HDrip, 720p or 1080p print at comfort of their home without spending a buck.

What I am trying to say here is that who is getting impacted here? Pakistani Muslims ? Indian Muslims ? Hindus ? Sikhs ? Christians ? I would say not a god damn single person. The only people are at loss are the distributors or the theatre owners who always have Friday to look forward to for some fun and entertainment.

It is only Pakistani Entertainment industry who will be at loss. They don't see that their already going down Economy will go down further with such acts. So what will be the Circle ??

  • Ban a Movie. Loss to Distributors and Theatre Owners.
  • Food stalls at theatre will be empty. Some crowd might be there for other movies but there are    movies which are crowd pullers (Hindi Movies in Asian Countries-You can't Argue that). 
  • Already tired and fatigued people from their Jobs who wish to have some entertainment will again start looking for other options in dismay.
  • Less people out means less sale of products, less currency movement and no rejuvenation of overall environment of the Society.

You might contradict to what I am saying but if you think deeply then my points will start making some sense. Even though it might impact 15-20% of people who like watching movie in theatres but we can't ignore the impact one mind can have on other and that 15-20% of people can impact atleast 10-15% more and hence a overall fun environment everywhere.

Remember, They are doing all the harm to their own common people only who are tired of going through same orthodox life with threat to life Everywhere.

Wishing for a better and Happy Environment there..!!

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