How to use Crop functionality in Microsoft Word 2013

Let’s say you have an image as shown below and because it doesn't look as good it should be, so the best way is to crop it as per your requirement and Microsoft Word 2013 gives us great different options to do that.

If you see the tool menu of Microsoft Word-2013, you would not be able to see any menu or sub menu to crop the image.  

So how to do that.

First you need to select the image you want to crop. You can see in top of the menu, there will be new menu item Picture tools and FORMAT under that. Click on the format and new sub menu with more different options will occur. 

On the right side below the format menu of Microsoft word, you can see the option of crop. If you start exploring different crop options, Microsoft Word 2013 gives us ample options to do the crop, which we will discuss.

    Basic crop functionality is selecting the picture, then click crop and then dragging it to the area you want to crop like shown below:

After that you can try different shapes by selecting Crop - > Crop to Shape and you can choose any shape as per your requirement shown below.

Under the crop to shape option you can see there are different crop options you can use like Basic shapes, Block Arrows, Equation shapes, Flowchart, Start and Banners, Call-outs. Let’s try different options:

For Crop with one of the block Arrows, do as below:

And once you select the curved up arrow, the shape of the selected image or picture should  be like this.

 There is another cool crop shape under stars and banners that is explosion.  Once you select it, this is how your image will look like. 

This is really interesting and we can do so much with the pictures and can be used in different drawing, professional paper presentations and PowerPoint presentations. Such crop options gives us lot of flexibility to play with pictures as we like.

The last option is to select the different aspect ratio option which we can use for our pictures as show below. You can choose Square, Portraits and Landscape etc. to give a desired shape to the image.

So go ahead and try all the cropping options and make your image cool.

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