God Of Music

The Day Jagjit Singh ji died, i cried and questioned my self , man this guy left my dream unfulfilled and i may never get a chance to listen to the Legend Live. So i promise my self that no yaar, won't leave any good opportunity to attend any live Concert of great singers , not at the cost of Money atleast and then... came the opportunity to Watch A.R. Rahman Live in concert. I can count it as day whose memories cannot be washed by any other thing in the World.

26th-May-2012(Sat) was the day when we got lucky enough to Listen him live. The way he made his entry flames and with the start of "Naadan Parinday" can give the goosebumps to anyone , even if ur sitting in the hot temperature of 40 Degrees. And then came the Hero of Rockstar who made the songs of the movie worth Listening: "Mohit chauhan". I really feel that this guy has put him self in the league of Great Singers the day he sang : "Saada Haq" and all other songs of Rockstar. And then came the Song: " Lukka Chuppi" which can make anyone cry, and the best part was , Lata Mangeshkar Ji was not replaced by anyone.
Though she was not there , but Rahman saab gave full respect to the Lady by not replacing her voice by anyone and that really can make you cry.

You can see the calmness on the face of Rahman saab and his closed eyes and his songs can take you to the Heaven which no one can explain. You just need to feel it. His league continued by his greatest numbers:
"Roja" , "Humma-2" , Chhaiyaa-2, Rang de Basanti and many of his other greatest hits.

And then another Dream came to reality , Sachin Tendulkar was there to Listen to him too and when he was called on Stage ,the shouts of Sachin-2 can be heard 2KM's from there. And When two leving Legend standing Next to each other praise each other with their work, you really feel proud to be a part of that moment and a blessed person to witness such event.

Well, though i missed the great voices of S.P. BalaSubramaniu, Sujata,Kavita Krishnamurthy,Mahalaxmi,Hariharan" which are the heart of his concerts but to fulfill the missing part it was partially and i would say nicely handled by : "Javed Ali" , Harshdeep , "Shweta Pandit" and it really made the evening worthwhile. You really won't feel how the time flies listening to him , but he had to go.. So he left , and left us with the Great memories of Life.. :) :)... I can say now : That yes i have seen God of Music and I have seen him performing Life.

Thanks to Almighty God and to My Family who is always there...

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