Movie Review : Shaala (Marathi)

A Good Movie doesn't Stay at its place or in between few class of people because of its Language. It will find its way to its audience and that's how Shaala Came to me. I don't Understand Marathi but that didn't stopped me from Watching this Movie. Its a wonderful movie which takes you back to your old School Days. BTW Shaala means School and its about a story of Class 9 students who are from different backgrounds studying in a remote village and have a world to Win. Well nothing sort of winning the world in the Movie though but they have dream of Winning the heart of the Girl sitting in the next row atleast. 

A group of friends sitting on the top old ruined house or a road and passing comments can take you back to your old school days if you have done such crazy stuff. Stopping the person you love in the middle of the road and still not able to express your feelings can make you laugh and a sweet chill of having the same fear at your time too. 

I feel the movie's main focus is on the Guy Joshi, who is smart , intelligent and also romantic and fearless too. His character makes you imagine a guy who has the ability to take the stand for right and wrong and who is ready to adapt to new thoughts. 

And one other nice character is his uncle who sees the world from a whole new angle as there was a scene in the movie where a girl from Joshi's class came to watch an English James bond Movie with her Boyfriend and Joshi has an image of her as a characterless girl (Here you need to think of children from a school in a village who have very small thinking domain and where girls and boys sits in a different row). And when his uncle explains him that how come he thinks that she is a characterless girl. Doesn't she have a feeling. She is going against the world to defend a person she loves and she is not afraid or shy about what she is doing and she meets you openly. Than she should be respected rather than dejected. And how Joshi or rather a class 9 Student takes this kind of thought positively and learning from it takes it to another level.

Another good parallel part of the movie goes in a sound of similar way where few rebels are trying to fight against the system or Government and how system can completely eliminate out of the picture when you even think of speaking against it. 

Somewhere you feel that how come this is included in the movie when it has nothing to do with Shaala(School) but i feel it has. School is also a System and a student can't speak against a teacher. Whatever that Teacher is saying, right or wrong, is always right and if you speak against , you'll be beaten hard enough and will be threaten about grades or scores. So you need to learn withing the limits of the System. But Movie leaves you with all these fun time you had in school time and some questions about how Joshi will take his life ahead and that's what make it a worth watch.

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