Movie Review: Ishaqzaade

Some one has rightly said : Movies are the Mirror of our daily lives.
Well it all depends upon whose life is being portrayed and how much we are relating it to our lives to consider it as Good or bad. No doubt story line, Direction, Acting, Music and many-many other things are related to make a good movie but we can say that movie is a hit if the audience is able to connect itself to it.

Ishaqzaade(May 11, 2012): Just came back after watching this movie and feel like writing about it. Its not a great movie to watch, but I would say watch it only if you have spare time. Made in a small town of UP ( One of the Indian State) , it portrays the life of two different political families which obviously are not in good terms with Each other and so quite common, the kids in their respective families are not friendly either. So as like most of the Indian typical Movies, girl from one Family fell in Love with the Boy of Other. 

The bad part is that, In a Country like India we still have customs where having an inter-caste or Inter-Religion Marriage is considered as a big offence and if you do so then suddenly the dearest member of your family becomes your worst enemy because he/she defies your religion by marrying the person from outer caste and they should be killed. And that's what movie is all about. 

What I feel is that writer/Director have conveyed their message by showing that they are killed in the End or rather kill each other instead of dying from their families hand(Typical Drama). And its a story of Many Young Indian Couples who marry out of their caste or Religion are killed in the Name of Honour Killing and worst thing is, our society openly supports it. 

The best part of the movie is Music and Amit Trivedi has done an excellent job in that. Its Music keeps justifies will with the pace of the movie and the background score is catchy enough to makes you feel its presence. And some Sensual Dance numbers are also there to add to the Flavor. 

From Acting Part, Parineeti Chopra has played her character well and Arjun Kapoor in his D├ębut  has also done a very nice job. Frankly speaking I loved the character of Natasha Rastogi as Parma's Mother who is the only decent person left in the Family of Animals who doesn't care about their Political Party. And other one : Gauhar Khan as Chand Baby who and did a decent job with her dance numbers and a bit of Acting part. Rest all characters are normal and nothing much to be looked from them..

Overall One time Watch and you can really attach to it if you read the message its trying to Convey.. :):).
Well that's what i feel. You might have other opinions and my Angle may not match with yours but would like to hear your comments also. 

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