Testing Fundamentals

Where Exactly Testing Fit in the Software life Cycle? To know that first we need to understand Software Life Cycle which below Diagram Explains: (Source-Wikipedia)
The good point is that it all goes in Circular manner (PS: This is not the only Model which Exist, It’s our choice to adopt the model as per Requirement), which means it never stops. So New Requirements will keep coming and on the basis of that a Design will be made and it will be implemented accordingly.
And then comes the Testing Part, which will check whether the Functionality is Proper or Not. Working as Expected or not.  
Note :  Testing Can also find Design gap which means if the requirements are not Designed or understood Properly , they could be implemented wrongly and  then finding the issues when things are implemented will raise the cost of Fixing the Defect  and will also wastes lot of time. 
So Testing is a Kind of a phase which needs to be implemented at every level. We can choose the kind of regression depending upon the Software we are testing. We need to look out for the places where it fits properly between different interfaces.

Types of Testing:

1)      Black box testing
2)      White box testing
3)      Integration testing
4)      Functional testing
5)      System testing
6)      Sanity testing
7)      Regression testing

And the list goes on.. You will find many details about them online, so I am not explaining them here. But I’ll keep coming with Different articles, Different questions, Scenarios, Problems or many things I could think of. 

So I can take up something on Manual or Automation or anything Random, just depends upon the Flavor I Like...

See You till then.

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