Speechless: Is it Autism ?

Speechless. Hmm. Sounds like having two meanings.

1) You can speak but  you have nothing to Say.
2)  You have unlimited thoughts to say but you can't speak. And i am here to talk about the second one. 

I just attended one Session today called Speechless where we were suppose to be talking only in the Sign Language .i.e. you are not suppose to speak even if you can and you are suppose to be explaining the things to the person your are talking too and he can't speak either. Now for some time it looks fun , that hey, that's easy like Dumb Chards. I can do this. I can convey without speaking. But, as the time progresses, a kind of frustration starts entering and you started feeling helpless and you try to find clues to point to so that the other person can get , what you are talking about. 

Now think about a child, who is born dumb and he don't know how to convey his words to the other person. Can you imagine the kind of frustration he might be going through. Can we understand without him talking , about what he wants to convey ? No No No . Its very difficult to understand and that's what making these children frustrated and sometimes they feel like banging their Heads on the floor or the wall or they start  to torn out the things they can Find. 

I want you to close your eyes and just try to feel this thing. I you can spare some time. I request you to go and talk to someone without speaking and then come back and tell me your experience. I know you won't be pleased. 

 Its not only Dumb people but there are people who are Deaf also can't speak , because you can only speak once you listen others, else you won't understand what exactly is going on. Also there is a disorder of neural development  called Autism where a child is not able to express himself as he/she is too shy to speak and parents get really frustrated as what their child wants to say. What does he want. Why he doesn't talk to us and such children have under developed mind which impact their whole life.

So what we can give to them ? Yes we have sign Language with us to teach them , to help them share their thoughts. My point of Discussion here is that the Government of India has not recognized or Standardized the Sign Language so there are very few places where they teach and very less Teachers or say Trainers who can Teach them the Sign Language. And some bad part is also their that parents are not coming forward with cases that their child is deaf or Dumb and so slowly with time it gets very diffuclt to rectify it.. Also there are few people who believe that sign language should not be taught and they should be given hearing aids and should be given some professional Training. Problem with these kinds os things :

1) Hearing aids amplify all the sounds to equal level and so you cannot differentiate between what you want to listen and what to be ignored. 

2) Also the such kind of Courses are very costly and that too doesn't end here. You need to keep following up as how he is getting accustomed to Hearing Aids.

I want to know from you , 
how the Situation can be Improved  ?
How we can teach all people to learn Sign Language  so everyone can communicate easily?
Can it be made a Compulsory Course in Curriculum ? 
What can we do as a common man to help children with such disorders ?
Can we find such children nearby your places and form some groups so that different parents can discuss about the way they are communicating with their child  ?

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