Best Movie Quotes: Part 1

I am a movie Freak and watching good movies again and again is my passion and hobby. And i love to learn some of the dialogues or quotes used in the movies. So i am sharing some movie quotes. Hope you enjoy reading them.

Selina Kyle: There's a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us. 
Bruce Wayne/Batman: You sound like you're looking forward to it. 
Selina Kyle: I'm adaptable.
                                                           ----The Dark Night Rises 

Prisoner: You do not fear death. You think this makes you strong. It makes you weak. 
Bruce Wayne/Batman: Why? 
Prisoner: How can you move faster than possible, fight longer than possible without the most powerful impulse of the spirit: the fear of death. 
Bruce Wayne/Batman: I do fear death. I fear dying in here, while my city burns, and there's no one there to save it. 
Prisoner: Then make the climb. 
Bruce Wayne/Batman: How? 
Prisoner: As the child did. Without the rope. Then fear will find you again.
                                                           ----The Dark Night Rises 

Timo Cruz: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
                                                           ----Coach Carter
Captain Ellerby: Go fuck yourself. 
Sergeant Dignam: Well I would but I'm tired from fucking your wife. 
Captain Ellerby: How's your mother? 
Sergeant Dignam: Good. She's tired from fucking my father.
                                                         ----The Departed
Alfred: Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn. 
                                                        ----The Dark Night
Jules Winnfield: What country are you from? 
Brett: What? What? 
Jules Winnfield: What ain't no country I've ever heard of. They speak English in What? 
Brett: What? 
Jules Winnfield: English, motherfucker, do you speak it? 
Brett: Yes! Yes! 
Jules Winnfield: Then you know what I'm sayin'! 
Brett: Yes! 
Jules Winnfield: Describe what Marsellus Wallace looks like! 
Brett: What? 
Jules Winnfield: Say what again. Say what again,I dare you,I double-dare you motherfucker, say what one more Goddamn time! 
                                                         ----The Pulp Fiction

Fabienne: Who's motorcycle is this? 
Butch Coolidge: *sigh* It's a Chopper baby. 
Fabienne: Who's Chopper is this? 
Butch Coolidge: It's Zed's. 
Fabienne: Who's Zed? 
Butch Coolidge: Zed's dead baby...Zed's dead.
                                                        ----The Pulp Fiction

Jules Winnfield: I want you to go in that bag, and find my wallet.
Pumpkin: Which one is it?
Jules Winnfield: It's the one that says Bad Motherfucker                                                          --
--The Pulp Fiction

Lance: If you're all right, then say something
Mia Wallace: Something.
                                                      ----The Pulp Fiction

Jules Winnfield: You know the shows on TV?
Vincent Vega: I don't watch TV.
Jules Winnfield: Yeah, but, you are aware that there's an invention called television, and on this invention they show shows, right?
                                                      ----The Pulp Fiction

Vincent Vega: Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go home and have a heart attack. 
                                                     ----The Pulp Fiction

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