Barfi: Why you should watch it

There have been lot of reviews about Anurag Basu's latest piece: Barfi. To be frank there is nothing special in the movie which you will remember for long but on the other side there are many lovely small things which can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Its a movie about loving without limits and the best thing this movie teaches us is that your disability cannot stop you from loving someone.

Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are heart and soul of this movie. Although all the characters did wonderful but they both were carrying the movie so beautifully that you just feel like watching them the whole time. Its a story about a person who is deaf and mute from birth and a kind of happy go lucky person that everyone in the small city of darjeeling loves him like a darling.

Barfi(ranbir) plays, smiles, do pranks, irritates but still loved by all because that's what make others smile too. He proudly boast about himself and openly express his love to someone without making his disability as his barrier. He is not rich but he do enjoy the perfect sleep by putting his head on his dad's stomach which is the another best place to sleep in the world after your mom's lap. 

And then comes our lovely jhilmil played by Priyanka chopra who is autistic and is forced to live in away from her family in a day care just because people believe that autism is a kind of sickness. She is crazy and doesn't allow anyone to be touching her or coming near to her. She is an old childhood friend of barfi but since she also big girl now so her inner self pulls her towards being a women and that translation she plays is wonderful. Watch this movie for her beautiful face and hair and i bet you won't regret it.

Another character or i would rather say: the narrator of the story is Shruti played by Ileana D'Cruz, who fall in love with ranbir because he make her go crazy and he make her enjoy all the time. But as usual she is rich and Barfi is poor so she suppose to marry a rich and smart Boy she thought she is on love but after meeting ranbir she didn't felt so. And so even after marrying the other boy , her destiny keeps her pulling towards barfi because with him she is what she is. 

Another lovely thing about barfi is its music. Pritam has done a nice job and since the movie has not much dialogues so the music has done nicely to cover the moments for which words are not required.

Barfi is full of lovely moments with very innocent things like the ransom letter ranbir writes and spelling mistakes in the ransom letter is indeed beautiful and the last thing that barfi teaches you: "Who says love happens only once" is the moral of this movie. Go watch it for a simple laugh and brighten up your day.

Watch it for its simplicity, its acting and its Music.


AKP said...

I already saw the movie.. And yes it was quite good. I like the Ranbir Kappor acting in this movie.

Khappi Einstein said...

Indeed a lovely movie and thanks for stopping by.. :)