Immortals Of Meluha: Must Read Book

Amish Tripathi's Immortals of Meluha is a wonderful read and it is indeed a page turner. It has become one of the best-sellers in India and the book is the 1 part of the series released in the name of "The Shiva Trilogy". The 3rd part is yet to be released, but you buy the first 2 parts from any online store. 
The 2 parts which are already in book stores are:

1. The Immortals of Meluha 
2. The Secret of the Nagas

About Shiva

Shiva a.k.a Mahadev is a Hindu deity, and is the Destroyer or Transformer among the Trimurti ( Brahma, Vishnu,Shiva) who are believed to be the balancing the entire universe. Shiva is regarded as the most powerful god as he is believed to have the power to destruct this whole universe. He is often depicted as immersed in deep meditation and In fierce aspects, he is often depicted slaying demons.

About the Book

Amish Tripathi has used his imagination well and tried to portrayed Shiva as a man who has become Legend by his work or his karma and not because just it was written in our mythological books. And this books took you through that journey which made him that legend. 

Shiva is a tribal leader of the Guna tribe who are fighting everyday for survival from the hostile enemy who seem to surround them from all sides. Shiva is brave, smart, loves to relax by having chill-um (a pipe used for smoking cannabis.) and his fighting tactics are perfect. Then comes Meluha, the kingdom of Suryavanshis, the perfect society created by lord Ram and following his path to create a balanced society. Their citizens are well fed, contented and their kingdom is a perfect place to live. 

Shiva along with his tribe left his place and moved towards Meluha where he learns that he is destined to be the saviour of the Meluhans just because he has a blue throat ( which also gives him another name Neelkanth), and Suryavanshis were waiting eagerly for him to lead them in their battle against evil Chandravanshis. Suryavanshis believe that Chandavanshis are behind their holy liquid which is their power source and can keep them alive forever.

Now Shiva is expected to save them, but he needs to understand himself first. Is he really the one ? How can a foreigner wild tribesman can be a saviour of such a perfect society?  Is he destined for this? How the Chandravanshis are believed to be working along with Nagas who are dangerous and lethal. The book will take you to this wonderful journey which will keep unfolding new secrets as it proceeds.  


The characters and the roles are well drawn and nicely narrated and their description is well written which helps you to picture them perfectly like Nandi: Shiva's friend and his devotee, Daksha: the king of Suryavanshis, Sati: the bold and beautiful, Parvateshwar: A warrior who believes that only one's karma can make someone a legend, The Naga's who are tactful, poisonous and lethal fighters. 

Many more characters are there and you'll come to know them better once you read the book. Don't Read it only because it is a best-seller but because it is different from regular stuff and I bet you'll enjoy it. 

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