Bug Bash: How to have Fun with Testing

Testing is fun and i am realizing the power of testing now when i can see the real difference it is making in making a successful product. Without testing, you can never assure a quality product. And no matter how much arguments we make, we will admit it one day.

People consider testing as boring and less competitive because they think that it doesn't have that opportunities which other fields of software development cycle provides. They just do it as a very monotonous way and slowly they start loosing the interest in that completely. Testing is fun and one such fun event is called: Bug Bash.

What is a Bug Bash 

Software development defines bug bash is a  event or where all the testers, developers, infra, leads, project managers,analysts, designers, senior managers, documentation folks or even directors or particular division and  last but not the least, sometimes marketing people, put aside their regular activities and strike the product simultaneously to get the as much know how about the product as possible.

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How to Organize Bug Bash

An event like these needs to be declared well in advance so that proper arrangements can be made and the test scope is sent across to the concerned people and then testers assist them in setting the resources properly to work on it. Tester will also help them in understanding about the bug. 

The event can be done for as much time as you wish, but generally test management have it for around 1 hour or so which will keep the interest intact. The event can be followed by prize distribution where employees can be awarded token of appreciation for finding the good bugs. Which further can be followed by drinks or snacks as per the availability and just to get it social. 

I arranged in a proper manner, a Bug Bash can be a very successful and a very interesting event where employees will come to understand the system better and it is really helpful to see that how system handles the load when so many people together are using it and at till what time it can sustain before going down. Teams can also sit together after the event to understand what has been learnt and how the system can be improved. Also they can explain their experiences and exceptions from the system. 

Bug Bash is a fun and useful exercise and at the same time least expensive which can come out with potential problems in the system. 
It proved to be a rather useful, inexpensive, fun exercise which could flush out potential problems and give everyone more confidence in the system-under-test. 

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