Mere Nishan Lyrics : Oh My God

If you are into music then you probably have heard the latest song: "Mere Nishaan" from the movie Oh My God. Kailash kher has sung it exceptionally well and the lyrics are indeed lovely and totally drags you inside and ask you this question that what might GOD be thinking when he looks down upon us.

He might be guilty of what he has created and trying to find his imprints somewhere on this earth and still in this belief that he might alive at some places. They lyrics are deep and will make you ponder over them and even if your compare it with any devotional song they are not slightly less. 

You can listen it below:

Here are the song lyrics:

 Main toh nahin hoon insaan mein,
  Bikta hoon main toh in dukano mein
 (I am not inside Human heart, i am just an 
    Idol in the shop waiting to be purchased)

Duniya banai maine hathon se, Mitti se nahi jaz baaton se, 

Fir raha hoon doondh ta Mere nishaan Hain kahaan  
(I created this world with my own hands, 
 not with Soil but with emotions, trying 
 to search, my imprints, my identity )

O..ho.ho.. mere nishaan  Mere nishaan (Repeat)

Tere hi saaya banke, Tere saath chala main, 

Jab dhoop aayi teri sar pe Toh chau bana main (Repeat once)
(I became your shadow and walked with you,

  Protected you from intense sunlight by becoming your shelter)

Rahon mein teri raha.. Main hum safar ki tarah..

(I stayed with you like a friend all the way)

Uljha hai phir bhi tu jaalo mein, Dhoonde sawalon ko jawabo mein
Khoya hua hai tu kahaan Tu.. kahaan

(Then why are you still stuck in the web,

 why trying to search questions when there
 are answers, where are you lost ? )

Mere nishaan  Hain kahaan (Repeat)
Mujhse bane hai ye panchi, Ye behta paani
Leke zameen se aasman tak Meri hi kahani 

(I created these birds and this flowing water,
 From earth to Sky, it my story only and i am everywhere)

Tu bhi hai mujh se bana.. Baante mujhe kyun yahaan
Meri banayi Taqdeeren hai,  Saanson bhari yeh tasveeren hai, 

Phir bhi hai kyun bezubaan
(Even you are created from me, then why are you dividing me ?? )

(I created this destiny, and my picutres do breathe, still they don't speak ? )

Mere nishaan Hain kahaan (Repeat)

Song: Mere Nishaan
Singer: Kailash Kher, Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyricist: Kumaar
Music Director: Meet Bros Anjjan

Hope you Enjoyed reading them as much as i love writing them!!

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Jigna Sanchaniya said...

Tu bhi hai mujh se bana.. Baante mujhe kyun yahaan
Meri banayi Taqdeeren hai, Saanson bhari yeh tasveeren hai,
Phir bhi hai kyun bezubaan