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Another milestone achieved in Open Source with the launch of Ubuntu TV.  Its a Smart TV operating system developed by Canonical, based on the Ubuntu operating system and using the Unity 2D user interface built with the Qt application framework.

It is designed for the living-room TV using a remote control. Ubuntu TV likely to hit Indian shores next year Broadening the horizons of its open source operating system beyond the PC domain.

Canonical recently ventured into the television division with Ubuntu TV. The company had unveiled the first Ubuntu TV at CES in Las Vegas this year. Ubuntu TV is likely to reach users around early next year. The device will be launched in India around the same time, said Jane Silber, chief executive officer, Canonical.

Silber quoted that Ubuntu TV is using the same Ubuntu core and underlying platform (and similar 
Unity-based but not identical user experience) and bringing the same Ubuntu principles that we bring to the desktop to the TV. So the simplicity and the dynamics remain the same, which they think is needed in a smart TV. 

TVs are becoming computers these days. People now have computing power in their smart displays. I think we will see the same convergence that is happening in phones and desktops in the TVs too. People now download an operating system for their computers but, in future, they will do that for their TVs. We hope to see Ubuntu TVs shipping early next year. Ubuntu TVs should possibly ship in India around the same time as in other global markets.”

Ubuntu TV will be based on Ubuntu 12.04, is expected to have its own movie store, ability to record and play videos, DVD-Video and Blu-ray Disc support, touch-ready interface ability to integrate all standard terrestrial broadcast system and also satellite and cable services, ability to stream music, photos and videos from a PC to the TV and applications designed specifically for Ubuntu TV.

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