Online Reading is not Reading

I was going through a book and read this line: "Online Reading is not Reading"   and frankly its true and interesting. People often complain that they write such informative articles but still they are unable to grab readers' attention. Could the reason be length of the article ? Well I do feel so that length of an article is a big task until it keeps you bonded. So If we talk about reading something online we don’t view our self as readers. Instead, we are user, visitor or some enthusiast looking for some information online.

Reading is something you do with a book , which I also didn't believe earlier but now I do, it’s not something you do on a web page. Strange but true. The main reason is abundance of information available online and so we keep jumping from one to another. In fact we forget sometimes where we started reading and best example of that is reading something on Wikipedia, you start reading something and end up reading totally opposite or something not required at that point of time. 

Fact is that people don’t want to be forced to read anything online, all they want is that one particular piece of information they’re seeking. People reading online  don’t have the time or the patience to “read” a web page. They want information now with no reading involved.

People don’t read web pages for pleasure (not 100% although), but they don’t linger over the words and savour the sentence structure. They don't enjoy reading or the beauty of reading. People read to get to the information they need, and the less they have to do of it, the better. 

So if you are a online writer, blogger, try to force online users to read, and you’ll lose them because there’s another site, not too far away, that will provide the pertinent information in a more direct fashion and our online God Google is there to help them get that.

My point of writing this article is that if you want to develop a good reading habit then go for printed books rather than online web reading because then only you will really read something.

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