My First Torrent Upload

Its been long time I have been using torrents to download my favourite stuff and indeed they have helped my a lot. And because of some different sites that I got access to one of my favourite show of 90's : 'Hip Hip Hurrey'. It was one of the show that we can watch it again and again.

It brings back the school time again and frankly speaking, those who were born in mid 80's or early 90's really understand the value of it. We have seen such a great change in Entertainment medium and Technology and serials like these revive that.

So, thinking of that I created my first torrent today and uploaded that. Do download it if you want and share it with all who want it. I want this to be alive. So even if I am not there don't forget to seed it.

Below is more description of it from Wikipedia:

The story is based on the lives of 12th grade students at the DeNobili High School and their adventures, their fears and hopes, their relationships and interactions. Besides that the story also focuses on issues pertinent for the younger generation such as dating, careers, health, exams, causes in a light-hearted manner.

The first season of the series more focused on the stars where they were in school flitting through life with joys and sorrows of life as students. The first season contained 80 episodes and the second contained around 55 episodes.The second season focuses on students lives on campus. Each episode of the series takes you through the year spent by an exciting bunch of teenagers - a year during which they fall in love, and suffer heart-breaks, have problems with their teachers and parents, experience pressures at exam time and so on. Their trials and tribulations are captured poignantly and with rare sensitivity.

Here is the torrent link:

Please let me know in case you face issues as it is my first upload and I might have made some mistakes.

Hope you will Enjoy... !!!

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