Most Beautiful Beaches of India: Tarkarli-Niyati-Bhogave

Its been long i have posted anything and so my dear lovely wife has come up with her creativity to fill up the void and this particular blog post belongs to her :

They say that Busy city lives leave us distressed and in today’s world it’s not far from true.. And we need to find our ways out , the ways to get rejuvenated. Everyone has its own way and Travelling + photography is my way to do that.

Being in Pune from last 4 years, I was in love with that place because the city gave me opportunities to fulfill both my interests.  Travel either way out of city, you will definitely find beautiful destinations .. Serene and sometimes so less explored.. So close to nature. The hill stations, Ghats, Forts, and amazing beaches of Konkan.

So before leaving Pune I went to a wonderful place to Tarkarli to have memories that can be cherished forever and this article about that only. It is about 400 km from Pune and accessible by both rail and road.

Tarkarli is a beach with pristine waters, located at the convergence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea. 6 km South of Malvan. The clean transparent seas will leave you awestruck. This beach is much cleaner than other beaches of Konkan which are near Mumbai like Alibaug, Murud etc. The place has much more to offer.

The Sindhudurg fort is just nearby and easily reachable from the Malavan pier by boat.. This sea fort was built by Shivaji maharaj and its one of the best preserved forts of the Marathas. You can enjoy scuba and snorkeling here.

Other must visit beaches are Nivati and Bhogave. Nivati Beach is famous for the rock formations and deep blue clean waters. A beautiful stretch of unexplored beach Nivati is also famous for the dolphin point nearby.

Bhogave Beach is in the nearby to Nivati. These two form a complete package for nature lovers. Bhogave beach is endowed with foamy waves and silver sand. This beach will surely de-stress you!

There are lots of information sources on internet which you can visit and plan your next trip! Below are few clicks which I hope justify the serenity and beauty of the place.

                          (Images Courtsey: Iklick Photography)

Please forgive me for pictures being a bit out of area but I hope you won't mind. Only this i want to say is go there and enjoy before its beauty ends.


Pawan Patil said...

Malvan is a compact town situated on the coast of Western India and boasts some beautiful beaches. Sindhudurg fort, Tarkarli beach, Mobar point, Chiwala beach, Tondavali beach, all attract tourists. Tourist across the seas comes here to visit the amazing location and for many travelers who prefer to stay at hotels near Malvan beach.

Pooja Tomar said...

It was wonderful to read your experience about the journey. Great advise and Guide.This was the most popular place ....nice post,I really want to go there Travel Agent in Delhi