Start of An End of Music Career

Life is indeed fun if spent with Music and laughter. And when you think back about those time, you feel really proud and smile for great time you had. Such a beautiful Musical evening happened back in 2007 at my place , when me , Adi , Saurabh and Sahil got together to enjoy singing. That was the time we started our career in Music, although we are nowhere now in that field except Sahil but yes those memories are worth living. We might not be good musicians, but we love to sing. Watch it to smile.


Deepak Futela said...

Hahaha.. Loved it buddy.. I too have many such memories with you, of college.. That spirit, that joy & that fun is now can't be found in anything.. but hope we all will sit together again in future and revisit those moments..

Khappi Einstein said...

Thanks a Lot Futsi... Indeed we had great time and we will keep having it till we die. Life is too short for no music... So Sing Dance and Laugh..