A Shudh Review of Shudh Desi Romance

The latest Bollywood flick by Maneesh Sharma portrays the image of changing India or rather already changed India. Movie is about our young Generation who doesn't believe in the concept of Marriage. Marriage as they say in India is a Social Obligation. And who wants it today ? I don't think many.  Very few in India marry because of their own free will. Rest is family or social pressure.

The same Issue is reflected in the Movie. You want to Enjoy life , have fun, keep your self away from all the relationships which bind you in some way but at the same time you want someone to be there so that you don't feel lonely. You are always attracted to someone , but you don't want to give name to the relationship.

Liv in Relationships these days are becoming common thing in India but still its hard for some people to accept it and that too when people hide their original relationship to save their image. But as the saying goes : "No one Knows But Everybody knows". So no matter how much you are trying to save your image everything going to be out loud and clear. This is the message of the movie.

So if you are an orthodox person who doesn't believe in such relationships, the movie is not for you. Watch it if you want to enjoy the small funny games of couples in small towns, their concept of being free and open, away from all obligations.

Movie is good in terms Acting. All three actors : Sushant Singh Rajput ,  Parineeti Chopra and newcomer Vaani Kapoor have done a great job. But apart from all Rishi Kapoor as usual is best. Apart from that some of different side actors has delivered well in their role to give you a decent laugh.

Music is not exceptional but still good to enjoy. Overall a very nice watch and have handled the topic very well and Indeed this is how the Romance in small towns of India is. Only Romance. Pure Desi Romance.. !!..