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We might have heard about different schools which are best in their faculty, best in teaching Maths, English, History  or  Science, but have you ever heard of a School which teaches about life, Humanity, Even-Sightedness and Equanimity ? I bet you don't, but there are people who are putting their effort to maximum extent to make this world a better place to live in, so that our future generation can see a better world, where everyone is treated equally. There is no division on caste, creed or whatsoever basis.

And to make this thought a reality Satyug Darshan Trust has given the gift to this world in the form of most unique School of the World : SCHOOL OF EQUANIMITY AND EVENSIGHTEDNESS.

So what is Equanimity and Even-sightedness?

According to "Satvastu ka Kudarati Granth" - holy book, Equanimity and Even-sightedness can be described as: "Holding oneself firmly in contentment, truthfulness, endurance and righteousness, while keeping one's thought, speech and action in an independent state. i.e., free from any negativity and with a firm belief in the omnipresence of God -evenly visualizing His Eternal light in all living and nonliving world beings."

1st Essential to practice Equanimity & Even-sightedness: To keep one's thought, speech and action in a pure and independent state, i.e. free from any negativity or tempting pulsations. To do so, it is essential to root our existence in the divine source of the Universe, i.e. 'God', and to firmly remain committed to His command.

This article is just a brief introduction about the Concept of the most Unique School. And trust me, this is just the beginning. This will turn out to be the most popular school in the world. And if you want to be a part of this school, you can enroll yourself at:

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Come and be a part of the Change!!

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