Comedy Nights with Kapil: Gutthi's Mystery!!

Kapil Sharma's Comedy Nights with Kapil is one of the top TRP shows in India and indeed he is Indian Russel Peters. Although Russel Peters can use all the adult content he because of the audience he address but Kapil is really pulling all the strings with his work. 

But the fact is that Comedy Nights with Kapil is not his show completely and i believe all will admit that fact. Multiple Characters like Ali Azgar as "Daadi" and Shimona as Kapil's Wife etc are really playing their role well to keep the show running but on top of everything is the character of Sunil Grover "Gutthi" which every Indian Audience loves to watch. Even his popularity reached such and extent that even is Kapil is not in the show people would love to watch it if Gutthi is performing all the time.

News is there that Gutthi has left the show, because of some contractual or monetary Issues. No one knows the exact fact but the story behind the scenes is that Kapil Sharma is dating Preeti Simoes, who happens to be the director of the show. So obviously she doesn't want the popularity of Kapil to go down and so the only solution would be Kapil or Sunil and obviously its Sunil who had to leave the show.

Now even this news is also under scanner because there is another news which says that Kapil and Sunil are performing oversees and in arab countries together,  so if any such rivalry would have existed they wouldn't have been performing anyways. I don't know how colors is going over all these things, because it could be publicity stunt for some time and in due time Sunil might be back but as per the news they are in hunt for new Gutthi who could take the place of the original one but in my views old Gutthi will remain in hearts of all.

But the best thing about this business is that, Sunil will be hired by some other channel to perform and who know there might be one new show on the way which is : "Comedy Nights with Gutthi".  And again Audience will be at ultimate benefit because they are going to have something new to watch and show will go on.

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