Pukar : Pune’s 1st English Theatre Festival

Spearheaded by the Maharashtra Cultural Centre in collaboration with Orchestrated Q’Works ‘Pukaar’ is a first of its kind performing arts festival that aims at specifically promoting and nurturing English Theatre in Pune City. With 6 headlining productions, 5 local productions and platform acts from across the, this Festival is slated to bring together every theatremaker and theatre-lover from the city and beyond. In addition to this we have for workshops, sessions for children and young adults as well as teachers of literature and theatre. The idea is not only to bring quality productions to the city, but also facilitate learning and sharing of ideas that allow individuals to explore English theatre as a creative, professional and academic option. 

In its very first year, Pukaar is going to play host to:
·         The Artists’ Studio, Mumbai
·         Indian Cartel, Mumbai
·         Shapeshift Collective, Mumbai
·         The Arshinagar Project, Kolkata
·         The WhiteFlag Performance Group, Baltimore, USA
·         Stand-up Comic Sundeep Rao from Bangalore
·         The Titus Project, Pune
·         And many more performances by local artists and theatre companies

In addition, there will be workshops and training sessions for performance, panel discussions and the chance to meet some of the biggest names in English and Marathi theatre.


Dates:          7th, 8th, 9th and 14th, 15th, 16th of February

Location:      The Jyotsna Bhole Auditorium, Hira Baug, Tilak Road

About MCC:

Maharashtra Cultural Centre is a charitable trust that works in the field of culture and education, promoting performing arts and audience development. MCC believes in given a platform to young talent and exposing young audiences to newer forms of art and learning. In 2003, they gave Pune City its first intimate-experimental theatre space – Sudarshan Rangmanch. The Jyotsna Bhole Auditorium, named after one of the very first women to act onstage in India, is their latest offering to the performance culture of the city. To learn more about the organization and its work, please do visit www.mccpune.org.  

About Orchestrated Q’Works:

OQ is a theatre company and artist’s collective that works to raise the creative consciousness of society through art and performance. They work with rickshaw drivers who do mimicry and with corporate honchos looking for employee engagement.  To know more about OQ, click on:


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