Best Guide To Download Torrents

Torrents have been the most important component whenever we think of getting content from the Net. But sometimes the content we download from torrent is not authentic and also it might contain virus and other non relevant stuff. So if you are going to download something , try to investigate about that torrent. By investigation it doesn't mean you need to dig out the secret information about the uploader or the file but basic know how before downloading a torrent can save your bandwidth and will give you better content. 

1. First thing is to know about the torrent client you want to use. My preference would be to go for the U torrent as it is the lightest one and no un-necessary messages to upgrade to pro version.

Here is the link to download that:‎

Other Good Torrent Clients which you should prefer are Windows:

Bit Torrent:
Flash Get:
Lime Wire:

For Linux Bases System you can consider:

Transmission: Comes as default in Linux Machines

2. After you are done with the client you need to look for the torrent file which you want to download and some good authentic sites are below:

1.   Miniova, 
2.   The Pirate Bay ( Might be blocked by Some ISP's. Use BayMirror Instead)
3.   Torrentz ( Contains links to Multiple torrent Sites)

My personal favorite from all is The Pirate bay for many good reasons explained later.

3. So once you open the torrent site and you start looking for the torrent then you might consider the comments given on the quality of torrent and most of the time Pirate-bay has good reputation in that as they have good comments from people downloading there.

4. Who is the Up-loader ? Many times new fake Up-loader are trying to ruin the reputation of torrent quantity. Beware of them. Best Up-loaders are:

1. axxo
2. fxg
3. klaxxon

And the quality of torrent they provide is perfect. Believe me, they spend lot of time and effort in creating good quality torrent. And Pirate-Bay has their torrent first most of the time. There are others also buy i rely on them and hence use their torrent for downloading.

5. How many Seeders are there for the torrent. Always look for the torrent file which has maximum seeders because it will help in downloading faster. Seeding keeps the torrent alive and Leechers ( Who just download but don't Upload) kill them.

6. And last but not the least and as everyone knows torrent is alive because of sharing. So give what you take. It means upload and download ratio should be 1:1 for a torrent to stay healthy. And if you have enough bandwidth, keep the torrent alive by seeding as much as you can.

Enjoy and please leave comments for more information.

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